Situation report in brief (+ start your claim).

Over the past decade many Spanish banks have issued mortgage agreements that have been found to contain “Abusive” clauses, resulting in borrowers paying far more for their loan than they should.

Many of the “Abusive” clauses, written in Spanish legalese and hidden within the small print of contracts are only found after careful analysis of the mortgage agreement (our lawyers have so far uncovered more than 30).

The European Court of Justice has ruled that such clauses are unlawful and mortgage holders are now entitled to challenge them.

Borrowers can seek to :-

Remove all “abusive” clauses.
Reduce mortgage payments.
Reclaim overpaid interest.
Reduce outstanding capital.
Recover mortgage set up costs.
Reclaim outstanding insurance premiums.
Claim accrued interest for period of overcharging.
And more........

Although the Spanish Supreme Court ruled on the side of borrowers, Royal Decree 1/2017 passed on January 20th 2017 by the Spanish government massively favours the banks and leaves consumers strongly disadvantaged when attempting to claim their rightful compensation.

“It was entirely predictable that the same entities that had “deceived” consumers out of millions through “their” abusive mortgage contracts would try to do the same again despite the fact that the European Court of Justice has ruled that they must reimburse absolutely all the money they have overcharged customers”, warns Rubén Sánchez, spokesperson for consumer association Facua-Consumidores en Acción.

The Royal Decree only applies to the “floor” clause and anyone wishing to claim has to follow the extra judicial process or face the threat of legal fees and court costs if they don't.

Lenders are not obliged to pay claimants in full and can ignore other clauses.

The complexity of claims, and unwillingness on the part of the banks to voluntarily abide by the Supreme Court's ruling leave consumers with no choice but to seek the help and guidance of professionals to recover their full entitlement.


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Our service then immediately springs into action, starting with us obtaining a reduction of your existing mortgage payments that within a month or two will exceed what you have paid.

If we can not do that then you have the guaranteed option to request a full refund of the administaration fee.